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We are a dedicated team of volunteers that have been running continuously Masterclasses since 1982. We are educators and eminent mathematicians, who are passionate about introducing students to advanced mathematics not normally taught in the curriculum. Some volunteers are past Masterclass graduates, and we are particularly interested in attracting more young people to join us as Helpers.

The Team

Liz Crook

Liz studied maths at Cambridge University. She got involved with the Maths Masterclasses when her own children were nominated, and joined the committee to ensure that future generations get the opportunity to experience interesting mathematical ideas. Liz works in the computing industry, and enjoys completing mathematical puzzles and designing geometrical patterns for her patchwork quiltmaking.

Houyuan Jiang

Associate Professor at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, originally trained as a mathematics teacher. After obtaining his PhD, he changed his career and became an academic. His current research interest is to use mathematical models for solving business and management problems in healthcare operations, supply chain management and service.

Alan Thompson

Graduate of Durham University (B.Sc.) and London University (M.Sc.). A mathematics teacher for forty years in five different schools. Final teaching post: Sawston Village College. Now retired he divides his time between his five grandchildren and the 3Rs: Railways (Steam only), Rugby League (Watching not playing!) and Rock and Roll ( Jiving, after a fashion).

Dennis Richardson

First career in commercial computing. Retrained to teach Secondary Mathematics. Head of maths at IVC for more than a decade. Former Chair of Cambridge Masterclass team and occasional speaker on graphical calculators. Enthusiastic but rubbish footballer and bass guitarist. Talented artist. Modest to a fault.

Dr Ruth Williams

Retired lover of maths. Taught maths at Cambridge University and enjoyed giving the occasional talk to school pupils. Also very keen on mountains and music.

Cheryl Dye

Second in Maths at Witchford Village College. Previous careers included Pensions Administration and working in the Benefits Office. Has 3 grown-up sons – the youngest attended the Masterclasses in 2009, and has been involved ever since!

Lisa Bowley

Webmaster and Communications expert. Passionate about opportunities for young people, mum of a Masterclass graduate.

Mike Hancock

Second in Maths at Hinchingbrooke School. Mike introduces some sessions and also gives his own talk on Chaos Theory.

Louella Prince

Louella has worked for many years teaching at Netherhall school. Her son Ed attended masterclasses with us and that’s where she got roped in. Louella is also fond of appearing in amateur dramatic productions.

Maria McArdle

Maria hails from Scotland. She was formerly a Numeracy Advisor and now works at Bedford University as part of the teacher training team. Maria is the only person we know who wears a Mobius band bracelet and has multilink (and more) in her handbag.

Tom Korner

Tom was until recently Director of Studies at Trinity Hall, now retired. Tom has been a huge supporter of the Masterclasses and has been involved since the beginning. Tom organises our class venues at Cambridge University.

Fran Watson

Fran sometimes introduces mathletics and gives her own masterclass on Origami. She shares her time 50-50 between working at nrich and teaching at Cambourne.