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We're always on the lookout for talented Speakers to inspire our committed young mathematicians.
Do you have the makings of a Royal Institution Masterclass Speaker?
Do you want to work with very engaged secondary school students to pass on your passion for maths? Do you have ideas for a hands-on activity that you could turn into a knock-out Masterclass session? If so, we’d love to add you to our team of Masterclass presenters.
What does a Royal Institution Masterclass Speaker Actually Do?
Most speakers, but not quite all, present only once per year. This could be any time between September and February. It is always Saturday mornings and always from 10 to 12.30.  Most speakers are regular presenters, some having spoken for us for ten years or more. In this way each series is different to the others. We make no real restriction on content so there is generally no theme running through a series, However we like to have some small input on direction so encourage topics that are very contemporary, like Chaos Theory, or topics which involve geometry which is featured less in schools now. We encourage the sessions to be interactive - we want to see the children work! We welcome sessions that link maths to other disciplines, like recently genetics and astronomy. Speakers are encouraged to develop their own style, most introduce an idea, get the group working, draw responses and move the topic on, and then repeat.  Some speakers prefer to speak from the front and others prefer to move around the group engaging with individuals or small groups, either approach is acceptable.
Why Get Involved?
The Royal Institution is a prestigious organisation to volunteer for. The enrichment work you do for us can lead to a better understanding of how to communicate your subject to the general public and an increased level of confidence. It is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience beyond your own organisation, with a highly engaged, talented group of young people who are committed to learning. A modest honorarium and expenses are paid.
Contact us for further information.
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