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This was week four with the Power of Two. The sequences were devilishly hard as most of them were not to do with numbers at all!  These lessons were a great few weekends and really gave me the challenge I was looking for. I would highly recommend them to any other possible candidate and suggest you go and have a look.

I liked learning about fractals and infinity as I hadn’t studied the subject much before and I found discovering and creating fractals really intriguing.

The maths was on a more sophisticated level than at school and we did things that I had never heard of.

I liked meeting other people like myself, and reviewing many different mathematical fields. I think this has shown me how many areas there are in maths.

I would recommend the Masterclasses to anyone and everyone. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to grasp and yes, it is worth waking up at 8 in the morning and then later that day getting dragged around the shopping centre. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.

I was invited to visit the Royal Institution in London as a follow up to the classes. I really enjoyed it and I learnt a lot about spherical filming and modelling the melting of the ice caps at the poles. These classes and the visit to the Royal Institution have made me like maths even more and made me understand how maths can be applied to lots of different situations.


So you’ve been invited to attend the Mathematics Masterclasses, and you’re wondering what to expect? Wonder no more, our FAQs will give you, and your parents/ carers, all the information you need.

Where will the Masterclasses take place?
Masterclasses take place in lecture rooms at the University of Cambridge. For the location of your series, please see the Programme.
When do Masterclasses take place?
Masterclasses are run on Saturday mornings, for five weeks consecutively, during term times. Times would typically be 10.00 - 12.30, but please check your course programme for further information.
Do I have to go to the whole series?
Yes, students will need to commit to attending every Masterclass in the series.
What will I need to bring to the Masterclasses?
A calculator, pencil, pen, ruler and protractor. Squash and biscuits are provided, but bring a drink and a snack, if you wish.
Will I be able to keep up?
Yes. The lectures are interactive learning sessions, there are no tests and you don’t have to complete any homework.
What will the other students be like?
They will be ordinary Year-8 students who enjoy maths, just like you. There may be other students from your school, or there may not. There will be a class of about 30 and you will work in small teams to solve problems.

Past programmes

The Mathematics Masterclasses have been running continuously for over 30 years.  Here are some memorable series' programmes from recent years.